When I moved him to a hospital tank (he lives alone btw) he had blood coming from under the pine coning. Have you replaced the filter media on schedule? I feed him 2 pellets in the morning and 2 or 3 in the evening. For food, you should feed 1-2 times per day, with 2-3 pellets per feeding, and take one day with no food (fasting). Back around late 2017, I noticed a betta at the store that had pretty bad fin rot and some weird lump on his side, near his back. Make sure you’re doing it on a regular basis per your specific filter’s instructions. Please don’t overfeed . My husband let the bleach soak the tank and all of the tank components for about 24 hours. So help me please. Use an 8-10 gallon or larger aquarium to provide enough space for a proper community habitat. Btw our tank is a 2.5. Amazon Sword) and they’re soft. I figured she just didn’t like the food but she wouldn’t eat anything. Fin regrowth doesn’t always look 100% the same as the original fin and can be folded over. Could this be his natural color or a skin problem? We are on day 2 no food. The labyrinth organ allows them to extract oxygen from the air and not just the water via their gills. Choose a filter that is adjustable or recommended for a betta fish. Can you please tell me what might be the reason. Unbelievable talk about a bully to pick on a defensive fish. I just got him last week and the first couple of days wer going great as he was eating and exploring his surroundings. When changing the temperature and water conditions, do it slowly and methodically. P.S. Betta fish prefer their water’s pH to be slightly acidic. Dragon Plakat Betta print available in the size medium 8x10. I have done about a 1/4th change since getting him. also I don’t know about the blue LED nightlight. Hi! I skim the slime off with a net and paper towels, and as soon as I turn the filter back on more comes out of the filter. Anyways, I kept an eye on him for a week or two and he didn’t get any better, so I told an employee. I don’t want him to fall ill and I definitely don’t want him to die! (They did not live together) He started to get lazy and had fin rot. It doesn’t mean you have a bad filter, it’s usually from proteins in the water and yes simply skimming it off the water is all you need to do. That’s great to hear he’s doing better! I just bought a beautiful burgundy Betta. Betta fights are not, as many people believe, fights to the death. But he seems bloated, and I stopped feeding him for a couple of days, but it hasn’t gone away. I rescued him from walmart because he had an AWFUL case of fin rot and had been there 3 months. Betta fish get used to their ecosystem and don’t like abrupt changes to it. I added live plants, a Mayan head they can hide in and 2 live snails to help with cleaning. Maintain a tropical habitat at 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit. Many betta owners get stressed wondering why their fish won’t eat, but in reality it’s usually from prior over feedings. If you notice he is struggling a lot and is lifeless, then you may decide that is no quality of life for him and opt for euthanasia to end any suffering. His water parameters are at: For the lights, all betta fish are different, if he seems happy and is not hiding constantly when they are on you should be fine. I’m not sure Because I know bettas don’t like currents. Betta fish need plants and hiding places to feel safe. He poops good too. The ph and water temp are good. Betta Splendens Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Hi Allison – my apologies for the delay in my response, your message got hidden. Water cycling refers to the nitrogen cycle, and partial water changes are just removing a portion of the tank’s total volume. With proper care, it’s also common for a betta’s colors to change or become more vivid. It’s better to allow a betta to go without food than to dump a bunch in there and think they’ll eat it. After doing a 20% water change on Sunday he started to change. They just pig all the food from the rest of the fish. Betta fish normally occupy the top half of their habitat, however the floating issues are concerning. i am taking care of a sad and cold beta. Ranjan it’s hard for me to give you an answer based on limited information and not experiencing it myself. Buy rare betta fish for sale. I immediately did a full cleaning w/water conditioner. Our bettas are hand-selected from the best farms in Thailand. I’m not sure how old the baby bettas you received are, however, babies have weaker immune systems and should not really have tank mates or be in a sorority until they have matured. I responded to your email, but yes a 10-gallon would be fine – although I’d recommend a longer horizontal tank than vertical for a betta if possible. Hi Bryan! Hello, I have a red crowntail betta purchased 6 months ago. That will depend on whether it’s filtered or not. I have had A for about two weeks now and all seems to being going well. I have conflicting advice. This site is amazing Plakats can often be mistaken for female Bettas to the untrained eye, however, males will display elongated ventral fins, a rounded caudal fin and a sharply pointed anal fin. Part of betta fish care means regular feedings! A systematic maintenance schedule must be adhered to. Five is better than 4, and you may now find you need a filter to keep up with the bioload of having that many fish in one tank. If he occasionally is curious and gets pushed down by the water entering the tank, that’s no big deal. There is a slight possibility I might get my first betta today and it’s a bit of an emergency buy if he’s still at the store today. Average Lifespans, Swim up to investigate when you get close to their habitat, Are aggressive and may flare at you or other stimuli, Loss of appetite for extended periods of time. Now help me if that’s ok or not . When you pay closer attention to your betta, sometimes you see things that may or may not have been there before. I’ve been doing research all night, but I’d like to know if you might have any extra advise for me? The darker the better. What is the answer to this abuse? I was giving two baby bettas a female and a male the past couple weeks. (It is more chalky looking now than shiny, though.) Visit our complete guide to the best live and fake betta fish plants. I added a bacterial supplement and it should cycle in the next week or two. Hi there! He darts back and forth at the front of the tank and hasn’t eaten since Sunday! This is also possible if there was any space at any side of the divider and glass as well. I was following your advice and doing the water changes but that didn’t seem to help too much. Right now the GH has been a steady at 75ppm and the KH has been steady of 40ppm. Do not clean an aquarium, substrate, decoration with soap. Do you think he is dying? I turned onthe filter and it made him alert but the poor thing is low on water, in the dark, cold and drafty . Most of us will have experience keeping it in the initial stage of our aquarium hobby. It’s not required, but it can aid their overall health. This forces the pH level of the water to get out of a healthy range. All the water stuff is kinda confusing but I just want the best I can do for him. This is the quickest way to reduce their potential lifespan. Thank you. As your betta consumes food, digests it, and eventually gets rid of it (poop! I don’t have any problem with the 20 gallon. I forgot to tell you that my Betta doesn’t poop, or at least I haven’t seen him poop, all I see is thrown up balls of the food that I give him. An ammonia flare up can be from using a habitat that’s too small, or from not having a proper nitrogen cycle established. That’s great to hear, and you bet. Also, do the 25% water changes more frequently so you aren’t doing such abrupt changes to the water parameters. The truth is, a death seldom, if ever, occurs. How do I start them off to make sure my fish and the plants are happy? Hmpks come in asymmetrical (More common. Avoid the headache of transhipping with Prism Bettas Premium Imported Show Bettas located in in Illinois. Big maintenance day for this aquarium. The only time a heater is not required is if the surrounding temperature in the room the tank is in is at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit. As they age betta’s will get lazier, hide more often, and eat less because of their decreased activity. A good filter can help reduce these levels and establish healthy bacteria in tanks 3 gallons or larger. Salt can be problematic for certain live plants and certain tank mates who don’t tolerate slightly brackish water. Also, he has 2 silver strips of color on his red fins, is that normal? I originally thought he was stressed and am in the process of adding a new filter but I am also considering taking this out to decrease stress. Providing him with a 2.5 or 3-gallon unfiltered tank with a built-in thermostat heater would be a large upgrade for him and hopefully his health. Don’t restrict access to the water’s surface, or fill your tank to its maximum capacity. Your betta needs room to swim around and places to hide. Unfortunately, most big box pet stores aren’t willing to provide that level of care and habitat options. I do a full tank cleaning about 1xMonth (now see I should also do partial cleaning 1xWeek). It’s totally normal for a Betta put pellets in the mouth and spit out. I’ve already had a male and female baby betta. Visit our disease symptom and treatment page. Always rinse, rinse, rinse all surfaces with clean water to remove any bleach traces before refilling. Cycle 20%-40% of the water each week for larger tanks. I got him at PetSmart and is fully healthy. The bright setting should be used during the daytime/early evening, and if you want to, you can switch to the blue (less bright) light in the later evening/night, but make sure you turn it off before going to bed because betta’s need a day/night schedule as well for rest. You could administer some aquarium salt (not table salt) per its instructions and dissolved in another container of tank water first. Are you doing water changes routinely? Maintenance - www.betta-forum.net. The ideal habitat would be 5-gallons, filtered and heated with one or two 20% partial conditioned water changes per week. If it does, the plant or hideout will likely snag a betta’s delicate fins too. Will he have the same reflection issues in the glass tank? Fins look fine. I really want a beta fish! Please note that there are other approaches to fish tank maintenance. Thank you, Diane. Removing too much of the existing water in the tank and then adding new can cause your fish to go into shock. Again, she was only about two months old. Last check was at 7. I’m back on the bettafix and nothing. Betta fish are carnivores – they need protein-rich food. I want to ask, I have a 10 gallon tank with a divider. Cette espèce aime les eaux acides avec un pH qui doit être inférieur à 7 idéalement. I would start by checking the water parameters, ensuring the pH is in the correct range and ammonia is not building up and above 0ppm. Hi Bryan Plakat male betta's Galaxy, Koi, Marble, Candy, Hellboy, Copper, Red, Silver, Steel, Blue, … I’ve recently bought a blue male dragonscale delta tail. They work in the store and did not know they sell Bettas. I’ve been researching like crazy before I buy the fish, but haven’t found anything pertaining to blue lights. I read this article and other and have set up the tank and water properly with all the accessories and appliances needed. A good brand is API, and is available at your local pet stores or on Amazon. From the research, I have found that ideally, no light at night is best for their health. The tank has a filter and a heater as well as a lid and a light. Habitat, temperature and food – These are the three areas which determine the life of your Betta. Ensure the water temperature is between 76 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. You are very lucky that no aggression or fighting occurred during the limited time they were together. And in a few hours later he’s dead. Hi Paxx – I am in the process of working on guides for equipment, sorry they aren’t up yet! Till he finishes it’s fine, his food his way to eat. I got Chronos (Butterfly Betta) not even a week ago, and I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared, though strictly speaking not my fault since a friend bought him for me, but regardless, a few days ago I noticed what looked like missing scales on his head and a darkening of his color on his head. I have personally found that it does keep my fish healthy and I rarely have a betta get ill. For general maintenance I use 1/2-teaspoon per 1-gallon of water. For more information on betta fish and filters, click here. We bought a new tank with some live moss balls and a tiny little cave for it. If you wanted to go another health-promoting route, you could use Indian Almond Leaves. Wal Mart continues to sell them. This is a hand signed print from my Freshwater Aquatics prints collection. The tank I have is 10 gallons. We have had him a year and this is the first time I have seen this behavior. I did a lot of reading before setting up his tank and I’ve read that the GH needs to be 25ppm or lower and the KH needs to be 80ppm or higher. they,my neighbor, turned off his filter, the heat in house is 60 degrs. The problem is the other 2. I have a 3 gallon nano tank with 1 female Betta (too mean for my 20 gallon tank) and a small Marimo Moss ball. Hi! I conditioned the new water and got the tank back to his normal temperature and put him back in. Geschlecht: Männchen Größe : Medium Alter : 4 Monate Farbe : Green Metallic Pärchen vorhanden: Weibchen auf Bestellung ! Also, I have two cats how would I get them to leave it alone besides shutting my door because I love having them in my room when I am home and I love playing with them. You can use the turkey baster in-between the bigger cleanings. Water added to the tank must be free of chlorine and other contaminants. Betta fish need natural day and night light cycles. Just stays at bottom. Check that your water temperature and parameters are in the proper range. Noticed a brown spot on top of nose and down the side that I had not noticed before, but then he was always hiding. That’s normally a preference unless you find that your betta is constantly flaring and being aggressive to his own reflection. My guess is your larger tank has faster moving water, and the smaller tank – the water is more still causing the film to stay intact. Their natural habitat has lots of places to hide, including substrate, rocks, plants and sticks. The traditional form is the original wild form. If anything, I might be able to get a 2.5 or 3 gallon, but it’s better than a tiny unfiltered bowl. In hot water for a cycled tank? So, fishy has definitely been less bloated than before and is making progress. Out of all the blogs, post, Aquarium shops say Im still not convinced. Back to norm. He only sleeps when its dimmed all the way barley to the point about to flicker. Silk plants, non-sharp decor, and some gravel for the bottom. What can I use as a lid? Water conditioning drops. The easiest way is to use a siphon vacuum and a small trash can or 5-gallon bucket to have the water flow into. With proper care, your betta could live up to ten years despite their average life of 2-4 years. At first I only had to take out about25% of the water about every two weeks, but now every week I have to clean out his whole tank, take him out, and scrub everything to ensure it is clean. Feed him sparingly while he’s cold, because his metabolism is very slow right now. Also I have no idea of where to put it I have blinds and I leave them open during the day so I don’t fell like I need to get artificial lighting if I put it in the right spot. tank with no tank mates. It is a small tank-don’t know exactly how big-less than 5 gallons. I picked up some suction cupped plants to stick up on the glass but he still seems to find his reflection in other areas. Disponibilité : ... privilégier la maintenance en solitaire pour les mâles. Il est donc préférable de maintenir son Betta dans des températures entre 23 et 25 degrés . Don’t worry though, artificial plants are fine too, and they are inexpensive and resilient. I would do less than the amount for 6-gallons to account for the tank not being 100% full and the water being displaced by gravel, plants, decor, fish etc. Most times it’s the other way around. You should be doing roughly one 20-25% water changes per week and a full change only as necessary. Yeah, they are temporary housing Rita because of their aggression towards their species and other brightly colored or long finned fish. I refer to this website very often. I don’t want to screw up somehow and kill the fish. Or is there something more specific that I can find at the pet store? Still, have questions? I took him out of the tank, replaced the filter, water and cleaned his accessories (including the filter) with warm water. I plan on housing 2-3 females in a 10 gal tank. This comment was from 2016, but I do appreciate your advice and care to another person who was in need. When you did the full water change, did you acclimate him back into the tank or just dump him back in? Betta fish are not very strong swimmers and a filter can stress them out if the current is too strong. For that reason, today’s blog post format is similar to an FAQ. If you have any advice pls help! Hi Bryan, you have an awesome site! I’m excited because they are all in the same tank; so far so good… Is it safe to assume I will now need a filter? In the right size tank (over 10 gallons), yes, African Dwarf frogs can be a great addition. Please reply soon. She had stopped eating. what water treat ment is best sugjested for bettafish. He gets natural day/night cycle. I set up my 5 gallon Betta Tank a couple days ago with a filter and heater. The second one sounds like potential stress or water that is too cold. Heavily planting the tank can also break up how the light is moving around the tank. Adding live plants is always a great idea to help reduce waste (ammonia) and oxygenate the water too. Betta splendens come in many different tail variations through selective breeding, however, all require the same level and types of care. A 100% change will depend on the size of your tank and many other factors like if you have live plants, how your water parameters are, and algae levels for example. What kind of (small) plants can I grow on top? Do you think he will get used to it or constantly fight his reflection? Use water conditioner/dechlorinator to make tap water safe for bettas. I can’t add a picture. Understand that products like these, however, do not replace actually vacuuming the substrate and doing water changes – but they can reduce some of the waste build up and how often these actions are needed. Petco did not treat him well. You could consider switching to a sponge filter instead of the current one if the current is too much, or finding a way to slow the flow with decorations/plants. There is no special one, but a siphon is definitely helpful for bigger cleanings/cycles. Success increases by adding community fish with bettas in larger tanks that have plenty of spaces to hide. If your room is dark and the tank light is on, it will also provide a greater reflection. Visit the FAQ library or comment below. I don’t even know if we can afford a good setup yet. As a betta owner, you should always be monitoring the health of your fish and watching out for any indicators of concern. But today I’m noticing his waters a bit cloudy; not so crystal clear. and symmetrical (should look like modern halfmoon with proper form, but with shorter fins). They will heal and get better yes. Hi Ross – kudos to you for wanting to help him out. I don’t know what to do. I also bought a small flat heater for him since its kinda cold in my area. Best wishes! I just got my Betta fish today and he has yet to go in the tank. I’ve had my eyes on him since around September, and he’s been having fin rot. Like anything, it gets easier the more you learn and research. I think he is sick. I have a 2 gallon aquaponic tank. I’ve honestly grown attached to the little guy. Regular bleach that is free of detergents and perfumes is another excellent and powerful cleaning option; especially after disease. Anything is appreciated! He had, and still has, a metallic bluish-silver spot on his flank. He grabbed the cup like it was nothing and was drumming his fingers on the side while he was talking to me, and the poor fish was terrified. Think of hiding places like their homes. However, one tail patch appears thickened, almost lichen-like, and kind of shrivelled at edges: these patches do not look like any skin disease photos I’ve ever seen, though, and he acts perfectly healthy. It’s a 3.5 gallon tank with a heater and digital thermometer. Thank you so much in advance, and keep up the great work with this site!!! Do i still need to run a fishless cycle, or is it ok to skip if I get the water tested before I introduce the fish? This discrepancy is largely due to misinformation in pet stores, on the internet, and from other betta owners. Any suggestions? Update: I figured out that he actually has fin rot, it looks like we’re in the moderate stage as I have been following your advice on the fin rot tab. Hello Angelina – yes you will need to upgrade the size of the tank to a minimum of 2.5-gallons. stretches at a time, over 21 years as company owner & walker/sitter to us, there is no such creature as “only”, not in *my* vernacular. Please let me know your opinion (have photo, but don’t see where to attach it). If you’re going away for more than 2-3 days, visit our vacation guide. Less than 4 is not recommended for a sorority. I just don’t want to risk doing something wrong and making him worse. About once a month I find a blob of poop, about 3/4 size of a small pea, at the bottom of the aquarium. The pH is too high, and based on what I read, peat moss in a filter bag sounded like a nice natural option, but it didn’t change anything. They both require the same water parameters, food, tank size, and decorations/plants. He sleeps at night on the bottom. Just have to say, I love this website! For a small 1 gallon tank you have to get a weak heater like Hydor 7.5 Watt, for 2.5 gallons, you can get a 10W one, like Aqueon Mini Heater. His color seems to be fading all over. Sanjeev, it’s hard to diagnose without additional information, but it sounds like it could have been stress/fin rot. Betta fish are very clever and great jumpers.